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Our Lavenders looking lovely in these stylish Sky Grey Lip Planters. Here are a few fun facts about Lavenders; 💜The scent of Lavender deters Mice, Flies and Mosquitos. 💜If you're given a sprig of Lavender it can mean; Devotion, Luck, Success, Happiness or even Distrust. 💜Lavender can be used in the kitchen and is especially delicious in shortbread! 💜Lavender is also used in the equestrian world to help relieve anxiety in top competition horses. 💜Once a mature plant, Lavender does not need water to survive and will survive the hardest of droughts!

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Photo posted on 28th Jun, 2017

These lovely campanula's, breathing life and colour into a grey, Lake District day!

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Photo posted on 27th Jun, 2017